How to play

How would you play a game! Very easy now just check following instructions:
  • Ten-pin bowling covers ten rounds, each round called a frame.
  • In one frame each player given two chances to hit the skittle down. Skittle is called pin.
  • You will role the ball at the pins
  • If the first ball hit the all pins down, it is called strike and frame is completed.
Dual lane style
  • A game will be played on two lanes directly adjoining to each other.
  • Participants of opposite teams, trios, doubles and individual applicants will successively & in regular order bowl one frame on one lane.
Single lane style
  • A game will be played on single lane.
  • Participants of opposite teams, trios, doubles and individual competitors shall successively and in regular order bowl one frame on one lane till 10 frames are bowled on the lane.

Bowling Tips

Stay calm and be attentive! A few things to help bowler to play in right direction to achieve target of hitting all pins in first ball. Bowling tips are mentioned from beginners to advance bowlers. a. Your first step towards bowling
  • For maintaining good balance, you first step to should be short.
  • Your consecutive step will be slightly longer respectively
b. Aiming for strikes/spares
  • A bowler have to select three sports one at the foul line, one in the lane, and his target to determine the path he wants his ball to follow.
  • Look at the target you want to hit, don’t use extra force because that would disturb your aim.
c. Gripping the Bowl
  • Three holes on a ball two parallel for middle finger and one right from two holes for thumb.
  • Balls varying in weight from 7 to 16 pounds. 7 to 10 pounds are for youngsters, 11 to 16 for professionals respectively.
d. Foul Line
  • Avoid crossing foul line because going across the foul line on the delivery will void you scroll for that roll of the ball.
e. Rolling the ball
  • A good way of roll the ball, move your ball forward and to toward the floor.
f. Do not loft the ball
  • Don’t loft the ball because that would be disturb you aim and it is also against the rules

Bowling Rules

My suggestion is to eliminate “Bowling Rules” section, because we have “How to Play” section too. “How to play” section contains information related to rules also, or we need to precise “How to Play” section more and in that case we can create “Bowling Rules” section as well.

Responsibility.For each parent or adult in custody, especially when children are bowling or present, is responsible for
  • Teaching each person in the group the Protection Rules
  • Making assured the rules are followed.
Approach No food or drink on the approach.
  • Greasy, wet or sticky spots or substances can disturb a bowler’s slide and delivery & cause a fall and serious injury.
  • Check the approach each time before bowling.
  • If the approach is sticky or slippery, stop bowling & ask a staff member for help.
Precautions (Heading: Suggested by , previously it was foul line)
  • Tracks are treated with oil & are extremely oily.
  • Crossing the foul line can cause a fall and severe injury.
  • After crossing the foul line, clean the soles of shoes before bowling.
  • Arena really cares you! Keep your shoes in your feet provided by Arena
  • Ask a staff member for help

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